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A Complete UAS Infrastructure All in One Place

UAS Central is a single entity united behind the goal of increasing awareness and economic development in the unmanned aerial systems industry of Central New York. We make it easy for companies to get the resources and expertise needed to get to the next level.

Here you’ll find funding opportunities, talent acquisition, state-of-the-art testing sites and policy resources all in one place. UAS Central is a strategic launchpad of support that includes direct access to suppliers, raw materials and a vibrant skilled workforce necessary for profitable, sustainable success.

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Our vast expertise and experience allow us to help startups and innovative businesses navigate through the obstacles of the regulatory framework of UAS. We connect you to thought leaders that are advancing the UAS industry in the world.

We have a world-class center for UAS technology. The New York UAS Test Site in Rome, New York, is one of seven FAA-designated UAS test sites in the nation and has world-class instrumentation for real-world application and testing. We help organizations learn how to integrate unmanned aircraft safely, cost-effectively and within the current regulatory framework. New York state has made a major commitment to our initiative to develop a 50-mile UAS test corridor overseen by UAS Central.

Our experienced aviation professionals are skilled in providing customers with a wide range of services. Experience in military, DOD and commercial applications allow us to offer resources that are the best in the industry. Whether its measuring airworthiness, testing platforms and payloads, or helping research and development of UAS by working with NASA and the FAA, we have the resources to meet any customer requests.

Our partnership with Empire State Development has allowed us access to funding for unmanned aerial system startups and existing companies.

The GENIUS NY competition awards millions of dollars to the brightest ideas in unmanned aerial systems. It is the world’s largest business accelerator competition for unmanned systems, providing UAS startups all the tools they need for success like stipends, resources, programming, advisors and connections.

From grants to business competitions to direct investment and other programs, we offer what companies need to achieve success through our partnership with Central New York’s premier technology incubator, The Tech Garden.

Our Talent Task Force recruits and develops hard-to-find talent in engineering and software development. New York state has more than 415,000 employed in UAS supply-chain industries.

The 81 colleges and universities within a 100-mile radius give us access to more than 300,000 students. The UAS Central Job Fund provides hiring support for new and existing businesses seeking to expand their operations in New York state.

Regulatory policies in UAS can be overwhelming and tough to navigate. Our resources and partnerships can help understand these policies and how they affect businesses. We are bringing key government stakeholders, academia and industry partners to Central New York to deploy and validate the necessary UAS Traffic Management (UTM) infrastructure, safe systems and universal standards for the emerging drone industry.