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Why CNY?

Here in Central New York state, we get it. Unmanned aerial systems isn’t your business – it’s your passion.

UAS Central is a place to grow, an area filled with those professional risk-takers we call entrepreneurs. This is a place to get funded, recruit top talent, test your technology and collaborate. If you’ve been looking for Silicon Valley of unmanned aerial systems, you’ve found that place.

Cornell University drone takes flight for agricultural research

You need a place like this: a place teeming with creative leaders and policy influencers; a home to multi-million-dollar competition and incubators with demonstrated success. We have plenty of grants dedicated to building your workforce and infrastructure.

Like you, we’re busy defining an industry that has no firm description. We’re hard at work shaping the limitless future from right here in Central New York, a location with vast terrain ideal for testing.

Central New York is within comfortable reach of 50 percent of the U.S. and Canadian populations. In fact, we’re less than 300 miles from New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Toronto and Montreal.

With 81 colleges and universities within a 100-mile radius, we help recruit hard-to-find talent while also drawing on the minds of academic leadership in the unmanned aerial systems space. We also have experts drawing on the knowledge of hundreds of industry organizations to guide you.

UAS Central is home to one of only seven FAA-designated unmanned aerial system test sites in the nation and has world-class instrumentation for real-world application and testing. We bring NASA, FAA and other industry partners together in this four-season region full of wide-open spaces.

Here in Central New York, we get it. And with our resources, guidance and community, you got this too.