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Growing the UAS Industry

New York state has long championed development of UAS business and technology, investing more than $50 million to date. These plentiful incentives fund everything from R&D to workforce growth.

Home to the world’s largest business accelerator competition for unmanned systems, UAS Central provides startups with millions of dollars. A $5 million grant fund offers assistance to companies directly related to job creation. Another $12 million in grants support economic development by funding infrastructure improvements, marketing and productivity projects.

The sky is the limit for economic development and innovation in New York State, a top-ranked home to scientists and engineers, STEM graduates and academic R&D funding. New York is becoming a booming hub for new technologies and the businesses of tomorrow.

Through the state’s strategic investments, based on a community-based economic development model that builds on regional strengths, UAS Central has emerged as a leader in next-gen technology and become a destination for the world to develop new ideas and tap into the future of unmanned systems.

UAS Central goes beyond making a substantial direct investment. Programs offer resources, subsidized rent, programming, connections and mentors, providing startups all the tools necessary for success.

The UAS Central Job Fund offers assistance to companies to increase their presence and investments in New York by offering incentives directly related to job creation. Grants are specifically targeted at new job creation in for-profit companies. Since 2003, private economic development programs have awarded over $100 million in assistance and helped create or retain over 50,000 jobs.