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Attracting and Supporting a Strong Workforce

Our Talent Task Force recruits and develops hard-to-find talent in engineering and software development. New York state has more than 415,000 employed in UAS supply-chain industries. The 81 colleges and universities within a 100-mile radius give us access to more than 300,000 students. The UAS Central Job Fund provides hiring support for new and existing businesses seeking to expand their operations in New York state.

There are currently 2,900-plus UAS supply firms in New York state, with 1,500 located in UAS Central. New York is home to nine highly-rated engineering schools, three universities offering unmanned systems courses and the largest public university system in the nation. Our diverse and talented workforce will benefit your business’s success and growth.

UAS Central’s Business & Technology Park is a key asset not just for the Mohawk Valley, but for all of New York state. It has attained national recognition for transforming a former Air Force installation into a vibrant business and technology park that is now home to over 75 businesses and 5,700 employees.

The park has development districts with specific focuses in technology, manufacturing, aviation, office, education and recreation. It is the location of choice for diverse organizations that are recognized globally and for their innovative research, products and services, internationally-renowned cyber research, sensor, information security and computer engineering firms and agencies.

Forward-thinking economic development strategists are dedicated to the prosperity of the entire region with a focus on business attraction and business development.